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The so-called "Romana" is a device to weigh. The name Romana comes from the Arabic language and means weight. At the very beginning, the Romana was used to weigh different types of meat, cereals and cork.

The Romana is a lever with uneven arms. At the shorter side of the arm you hang what you want to weigh and the other side shows the scale of kilos ( in some areas of Andalucia or Extremadura even Aruba or pound is used). Once you have put on the Romana what you want to weigh, the pointer stops when it is balanced and you can read the exact weight from the scale.

The Balaces are produced in different capacities and finishing, are made out of iron, iron put into a nickel bath or with the arm made out of stainless steel. The Romana differ from 3kg, 5kg and 25kg, which are the small once, and the bigger once go from 25 kg to 300kg. In the whole country the quality of our romanas has a high reputation.




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